Tournament Results:

Undefeated Winners
Carl Sewall – Bemidji
Xavier Hruby – Bemidji
Mike Reeves – Bemidji
Connor Bodah – Bemidji
Asa Erickson – Bemidji
Xavier Shipley – Bemidji

Free Magic: The Gathering Guilds of Ravnica Booster Draft

Hosted by Accidentally Cool Games

  • Constructed format tournament available, dependent on participation.
  • 2 available draft times on Saturday
  • Sign Up for Saturday drafts opens at 10 AM
  • First Saturday draft starts at 11:30 AM
  • Second Saturday draft starts at 3:30 PM

Draft Specifics:

  • New players welcome and encouraged to participate.
  • Each draft tournament will be 3 pods of 8 drafters for a total of 24 available spots on Saturday.
  • First 48 signed up on Saturday AM will be able to play in the draft of their choice (AM or PM) and can sign up as an alternate for the second draft if players are needed.
  • Prizes of booster packs go to top 4 of each pod and random prizes.
  • Casual play is welcome, Commander, Standard, Modern, etc.
  • Other casual quick play board games will be available in the same area.
  • Please, no backpacks or drinks during the draft, during match play drinks are fine.
  • If you bring a backpack for casual or anything else please understand you are responsible for your own stuff.
  • Sleeves and dice will be okay to bring in but will also be available for purchase from ACG including new Guilds of Ravnica sealed product.


Prize Packs TBD