Nier: Automata

I’ve heard nothing but stellar things about this game and it’s even earned my notoriously jaded brother’s elusive seal of approval. I just can’t wait to see this at 25%-50% off so that it can finally land in my library.

I am Setsuna

This new JRPG caught my eye when it launched but I wanted to wait for some reviews to roll in. It seems that the jury is in, and it appears to be an excellent game.

Warhammer: Total War

All the DLC- I’ve been having a great time lately with W:TW, but I consistently have the nagging feeling that I’m not really playing a complete game. With it’s sequel on the way, I’m hoping that they drop the price of the DLC for the original low enough that I can experience it in all it’s glory.

Elite: Dangerous- Horizons

I don’t have very many hours clocked in the cockpit of my Sidewinder, but I felt that the base game was pretty lacking in terms of things to do in this ambitious space sim. I’ve heard that the Horizons expansion contains quite a bit more in terms of quests and interesting events and I’m eager to jump back in… for the right price of course.


I keep trying to not buy into any more survival/crafting games in early access, but if this one manages to come down to $10.00, I’ll bite!

Obduction/The Witness

Lumped together because they both look like marvelous adventure games priced just a little above what I’m willing to lay down for something I’ll have to be in just the right mood to play. They won’t have to lower their prices much for me to climb on board though.

Toukiden 2

I’ve been looking for an excuse to get into monster-hunting games, and I’ve heard good things about this franchise, but the trend of beloved Asian franchises hitting steam at $60.00 or above needs to stop! Even if it hit $40.00 my interest might get the better of my common sense.

Fantasy Grounds Software

This one has been on my wish list for a long time. I don’t get to role play IRL very often (if at all) anymore, but if this sexy software hits $5.00 ever, it’ll be mine.