Adult Cosplay Winners

Hannah Sether

1st Place Cosplay goes to Hannah Sether, Bemidji at GZGC19!

Khoriana Vaerconum

2nd place in Cosplay goes to Khoriana Vaerconum of Hibbing at GZGC19!

Aaron Grubich

3rd Place in the Adult Cosplay Contest at GZGC19 goes to Aaron Grubich of Bemidji!

Jr. Cosplay Winners

Vivi Allison

Juniors Cosplay 1st Place winner is Vivi Allison, Bemidji at GZGC19!

William Copenace

Juniors cosplay 2nd place goes to William Copenace of Cass Lake at GZGC19!

Clementine Pomp

Juniors cosplay 3rd Place goes to Clementine Pomp of Bemidji at GZGC19!

GigaZone Gaming Cosplay Contest Rules and Regulations *

Have fun! Participate! The cosplay contest is for fun and prizes!

Costumes will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Quality: How well is your costume constructed.
  2. Representation of character: How well you portray the character you are dressed as.
  3. Originality: Does your costume just knock our socks off?

NOTE: Your costume must be age appropriate. Nudity is NOT a costume. Just because some comics and anime show it, doesn’t mean it’s acceptable here.

Replica Props/Weapons

Replica weapons, if a part of your costume, are allowed with the following rules:

  • BLADED PROPS: No Live bladed weapons. Any swords/daggers/spears/etc. must be made from a non-metal material such as resin, foam, worbla or other such materials. If your costume has a sword or knife and it is metal, it must be peacebonded and be completely unable to be drawn from a sheath or scabbard. Peacebonded weapons are attached to a scabbard or sheath using plastic zip ties in any color.
  • GUN PROPS: Because people are always concerned when firearms are involved we must take every precaution to put the public at ease and not cause a panic. Gun props are allowed if the following conditions are met. AIRSOFT REPLICAS: Airsoft replicas are allowed but must be rendered unable to fire. This means they must be free of batteries or CO2/gas. Triggers must be depressed and peacebonded/secured with a Brightly Colored plastic zip tie to prove they cannot be fired. If you do not have zip ties, they will be provided for you. Barrels MUST have some sort of marking to denote they are not real weapons. Pistols MUST be holstered. Rifles should have a sling and MUST have a brightly colored barrel blocker AND Orange muzzle. ALL REPLICA WEAPONS WILL BE CHECKED BY OUR STAFF BEFORE BEING ALLOWED.

Prizes **

Adult Cosplay

Place Prize
First Place $300 Visa Gift Card
Second Place $200 Visa Gift Card
Third Place $100 Visa Gift Card

Junior Cosplay

Place Prize
First Place $100 Visa Gift Card
Second Place $50 Visa Gift Card
Third Place $25 Visa Gift Card



These rules are subject to change. All rules will be finalized a week before the tournament. Gigazone Gaming staff reserve the right to change any rules as they see fit throughout the tournament. Follow us to keep up to date.


Prizes are subject to change, follow us to keep up to date.