Hi all! In past years of the Gigazone Gaming event we’ve run into some issues with participants signing up for all of the tournaments, but then missing one or more of them due to actively playing in another. While this does constitute a disqualification from the tournament of the game that was missed, it also takes a spot away from another potential player who would have liked to play. In an effort to keep this particular issue from happening as well as maximize the total number of entrants we’re going to try something a little new this year.

Feature Games

We’ve taken our time sensitive games and designated them as “Feature Games” this year. Feature Games are any game that has a working bracket that would require a player to be present to play their round at a certain time.

The Feature game list this year is:

Participants will be asked to pick 2, and only 2 Feature Games to compete in this year. That being said, players will still be allowed to compete in as many of the other games we have there at they would like, including Fortnite, Beat Saber, retro arcade games, etc. The limit is ONLY on the Feature Games.

We’d like to thank everyone for understanding and your continued participation in one of Northern Minnesota’s most unique and entertaining events!

Please feel free to contact us from our website, our Facebook, or our Discord should have any questions or concerns.