A few years ago Respawn Entertainment came out with Titanfall. If you’re not aware, Titanfall takes place in a nearby galaxy that humanity has expanded to and colonised.

You play the part of a Pilot who at times controls a 30 foot tall battle mech known as a Titan.

Titanfall 1 had a lackluster single player campaign but more than made up for it with a dynamic multiplayer environment, unique weapons and a jet-powered parkour movement aspect. There were many levels of customization for weapon loadouts and guns for every play style.

Titanfall 2 took the base of TF1 and turned the knob up to 11. New Titans, new weapons, new maps, new Pilot/Titan/Weapon customization options and a great single player campaign made TF2 a worthy successor to the original. But where every other game on the planet seems to cripple content behind the paywall that is the microtransaction, the developers of Titanfall do something that hasn’t been done in years: FREE DLC CONTENT.

Each Titanfall 2 DLC release includes new maps or reimagined/popular maps from the original Titanfall. New game modes and sometimes even new weapons a customization options.

The latest Free Titanfall 2 DLC release brought the Frontier Defense game mode from TF1 into Titanfall 2. Frontier Defense is a Co-Op game mode where you and a few friends defend a mining harvester from waves of enemy AI, both ground troops and specialty Titans. It’s strategic, frantic and a great, fun challenge. And it’s FREE if you own Titanfall 2.

Titanfall kind of got lost in the sea of Call of Duty/Battlefield clones, but it’s a great game worth your attention, especially now since in many locations it can be purchased for under $30.

Titanfall 2 is available now on PC, Xbox and Playstation consoles.