TLDR: The Overwatch Community Tournament at this year’s Gigazone Gaming Championship is changing to 3v3 lockout elimination. The first 32 teams to sign up online are in to play on game day.

Greetings gamers of the Northwoods! We’ve been gearing up for this year’s Gigazone Gaming Championship and after listening to some fan feedback and putting our heads together, we think we’ve come up with a few exciting new ideas for this year. There is a host of new and returning games (some classics that have stood the test of time and brand new ones just crawling out of the fort), as well as some changes to the Overwatch main stage tournament.

We launched a Discord channel this year with the aim of providing a great platform for feedback from attendees, and to also provide a meeting place for local games to come together, chat, and maybe even add some friends to their lists. The channel has been a success so far with connections being made and plenty of feedback sent our way as well.

One of the ideas that we’ve heard a number of times is that the online portion of the tournament was sometimes inconvenient and not as much fun as competing in person. Ideally, we would love for every part of all of the tournaments to take place on site because we agree! Half the fun of winning, especially with your team, is being there with them! One of the problems we run into with that format is simply time. Depending on the number of teams that sign up it could take days or even longer to play out the number of games required to determine a winner.

We looked at the math and have determined that with the equipment that we have we will be able to host 32 teams of 3 in a 3v3 lockout elimination format on the actual day of the event, without any games played online prior to game day. This will allow for all of the excitement of a fully attended tournament while still fitting our time and equipment constraints. Although it might not be the traditional 6 person format that many gamers are used to, it might be just a little more fun and a lot more convenient for attendees.

Our sign-up sheet at should be updated by the time that you read this announcement.

We’ll be taking the first 32 teams to sign up online with anyone in after the first 32 slots are filled being put into a standby list in order of first come first served to replace any teams that fail to show up.

If you have any questions feel free to join us in our Discord server at or email us at Here’s hoping we’ll see you all there!

If you have already registered a team for the 6 man competition, we’ll be reaching out to you with further information.