*REGISTRATION IS OPEN ONLY TO THOSE WHO RESIDE WITHIN THE 218 AREA CODE IN THE STATE OF MINNESOTA*  Proof of residency will be required prior to tournament.

Participants must be 13 years of age or older.

A team is required to have a team captain who will serve as the team organizer as well as primary contact. To register as a team you must have at least 5 players on your team. Teams are encouraged to find possible alternates to play should a player fall ill or not be able to make a match for some other reason. Should a registered player need to be replaced by an alternate, it will be the team captain’s responsibility to notify PBC of the change prior to the match.

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If you get an error saying your team is already signed up or a summoner name already exists please let us know. Send us your team name and your summoners and we’ll get you registered manually. We’re working on the issue. Thanks!