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Tournament Bracket

Tournament VOD

Prizes **

Place Prize Winners
First Place $500 Dain Walters of Grand Rapids
Second Place $400 Adam Scott of Brainerd
Third Place $300 Nick Miller of Brainerd
Fourth Place $200 Drew Holden of Bemidji

  • GZG Madden NFL 21 Tournament is open to the first 32 registered participants. (Ages 18 and up)
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Registration is FREE.
  • GZG Madden NFL 21 Tournament play goes from 10:00AM, Saturday April 17th until finished.
  • Single Elimination. Random Seed.
  • Play will be on Xbox Live. Xbox Live subscription required.
  • Microphone and camera not required.
  • Player will be expected to have their own copy of Madden NFL 21
  • Player must have a mailing address in the 218 area code of the state of Minnesota, U.S.A.

  • You may use any of the 32 NFL teams from Madden NFL 2021. (No All-Star teams, historic teams, created teams, etc.)
  • You may change which of the 32 NFL teams you select between rounds.
  • Seeding and matchups for the tournament will be done by random draw.
  • Home and away will be decided randomly by GZG Staff
  • In the event that a game ends with the score tied (past overtime), the game will be restarted and the first team to score will win.
  • In the event of a power loss, system freeze, or network issue; If a player disconnects before the first 30
    seconds or first point scored, the game must be restarted. If a player disconnects from a game after the first
    30 seconds or after the first point, you and your opponent must finish the remaining time of the match, keeping the score the same as it was in the game that got disconnected. i.e. If the disconnection occurred at the end of the 1st quarter, the new game should be played until the end of the 3rd quarter.
  • In the event a player disconnects from a game twice or is unable to reconnect they will forfeit the game.
  • Players will need to join the GZG Discord to communicate with GZG Staff.
  • Players will need to have a Twitch account and be able to stream gameplay through Twitch.
  • Players will need to be ready to friend opponents, GZG Staff will notify players via GZG Discord who to friend and who will send
    the game invite, if you are not instructed to send an invite please wait for one to come to you.
  • Please be sure to change game settings when sending game invites. The tournament settings are not default.
  • GZG Staff reserves the right to make changes to the tournament format at any time.
  • GZG staff reserves the right to remove any player from the competition if found to be cheating, being disrespectful to other players, staff, or any other abuses.

Streaming rules with regard to the Gigazone Gaming Virtual Edition Madden 2021 Tournament:

The intention of the streams we are requiring players to broadcast is to verify gameplay and ensure that the winner of each match is properly recorded and updated on the bracket. Any deviation from the game at hand to any kind of inappropriate material is grounds for immediate disqualification from the tournament and possible further recourse as well. We ask that players keep the stream on the game they are currently playing, keep their microphone muted, and end their stream as soon as the match is complete. Thank you.

Game Skill All Madden
Even Teams Off
Quarter Length 5 min
Weather Off
Injuries Off
Fatigue Off
Accelerated Clock 25
Teams are allowed only one pause per half.
Onside Kicks are permitted ONLY: When the kicking team is down by 21+ or when the kicking team is losing in the 4th Quarter.
In a situation where a FG is going to be attempted and the clock is running down, the defense CANNOT jump offside in an effort to make the clock run out
Excessive intentional penalties will result in disqualification
Players cannot audible out of a QB Kneel, Wildcat, Field Goal, or Punt formations.
Players attempting to glitch the game in order to gain an advantage will be disqualified.

GZG Madden NFL 21 Tournament Signup Form

Please email if you still want to enter.

The tournament “Gigazone Gaming 2021 Online Championship Madden NFL” is now closed to submissions

Please email if you still want to enter



These rules are subject to change. All rules will be finalized a week before the tournament. Gigazone Gaming staff reserve the right to change any rules as they see fit throughout the tournament. Follow us to keep up to date.


Prizes are subject to change, follow us to keep up to date.