GZGC19 Retro Arcade Winners


Jason Brama wins the Galaga high score tournament with a score of 130190 at GZGC19!

Ms. Pac Man

Jake Schaefer of Bemidji got the high score in MS PAC Man and won a $100 Visa gift card at GZGC19!

Donkey Kong

Kenneth Crocker of Grand Rapids wins the Donkey Kong high score competition at GZGC19!

Prizes **

Game Winner Prize
Ms. Pac-Man High Score Jake Schaefer of Bemidji $100 Gift Card
Galaga High Score Jason Brama $100 Gift Card
Donkey Kong Kenneth Crocker of Grand Rapids $100 Gift Card

Leave your Fistfull of Quarters at home and come out this Saturday, November 2nd, to compete in our fourth annual GigaZone Gaming Championship Retro Tournament! There will be morning and afternoon competitions on Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga. The player with high score at the end of each competition will win a $100 gift card!

Tentative free-to-play games

These are tentative games that will be available free-to-play in addition to the to the Retro Tournament:

  • Arcade – Raiden
  • Arcade – The Simpson’s (4 player)
  • Arcade – Bust A Move EX
  • Arcade – Lock N Chase
  • Arcade – Silver Strike Bowling
  • Arcade – Neo Geo
  • Arcade – Guitar Hero
  • Gun – Area 51/Max Force
  • Gun – Big Buck Pro
  • Gun – Silent Scope
  • Gun – House of the dead
  • Gun – Aliens Extermination
  • Pinball – Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Pinball – Addams Family
  • Pinball – World Cup Soccer
  • Driver – Fast & Furious
  • Driver – Hydro Thunder
  • Driver – Cruzin Exotica (linked cab 1)
  • Driver – Cruzin Exotica (linked cab 2)



Prizes are subject to change, follow us to keep up to date.