Tournament Results:

Place Winner Prize
First Kenneth Falcon, Bovey Nintendo Switch & Game
Second Iliya Hoffert, Fargo $150 Visa Gift Card
Third Hunter Branson, Duluth $100 Visa Gift Card
Fourth Joey Dowling, Duluth $50 Visa Gift Card

Tournament setup

  • Single elimination
  • 3 lives 5 minutes
  • Best of 3 for 1/2 and 3/4 place.

Game rules

  • Matches will be 1v1.
  • How players pick characters is up to their discretion (double blind/just pick)
  • Items are turned off
  • In the case that time runs out and both characters have an equal amount of lives, the character with less damage
    wins the match. If both characters have equal lives and damage, or if both characters lose their last life on
    the same frame, the player on the score screen in the winner. Sudden Death is not to be played.
  • Maps random between: battlefield, Final destination, Smashville
  • Cannot use custom moves/Mii fighters


Place Prize
First Place Switch & Game
Second Place $150 Visa Gift Card
Third Place $100 Visa Gift Card
Fourth Place $50 Visa Gift Card