Leave your Fistfull of Quarters at home and come out this Saturday, September 30th, to compete in our second annual GigaZone Gaming Championship Retro Tournament! There will be morning and afternoon competitions on Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga. The player with high score at the end of each competition will win a $100 gift card!

Tournament Results:

Game Winner Prize
AM (Ms. Pac-Man) High Score  Abby Gorski, Bemidji $100 Gift Card
PM (Galaga) High Score  Sabbastian Wilson-Webb, Walker $100 Gift Card

Confirmed free-to-play games

These are confirmed games that will be available free-to-play in addition to the to the Retro Tournament:

  • Ms Pac/Galaga combo cabinet
  • Big Buck Pro Hunter (gun game)
  • Battletoads (Side scrolling fighter)
  • Police Trainer (Gun game)
  • Alien vs Predator (Side scrolling fighter)
  • 2 cabinets – Rush The Rock (linked-Head to head) (Driver)
  • Pinball – Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Pinball – Surfin’ Safari
  • Tekken (Fighting game)
  • Confidential Mission (Gun game)
  • Vapor TRX (Single player Driver)
  • Neo Geo (4 games/1 cabinet)
  • Silent Scope (Gun game)
  • Pole Position (Single player driver)