Jay and Josh are back with another Let’s Play video, this time trying out Miscreated.

“I’ve sunk hundreds of hours into survival-crafting games as new iterations and spins on the core mechanics have popped up. Always one to take a chance on an early access title that looks like it’ll scratch the itch, I jumped on ‘Miscreated’ shortly after it appeared on Steam. I played around and experimented a bit before ultimately deciding it needed more time before it would blossom. Some months later, a buddy of mine asked what I thought of it, his interest piqued, and I told him exactly that. He took the chance anyway and we found ourselves playing for a good few weeks. ‘Miscreated’ really feels like it’s coming together. More than ‘the next Day Z’ that I thought it was going to be, ‘Miscreated’ has challenged us to build bases together, make tense sorties into oddly beautiful and destroyed towns, desperate to find a can of tuna fish and a bottle of water. It’s seen us hide in the bushes at the first sound of strangers on the server, as well as take some under our wings and have them steal our bicycles… If you like survival-crafting I urge you to jump in with both feet. It’s a wild ride.”
-Josh A.

From the Miscreated Steam page:

Nobody knows what started the Final War — it was over too fast, fought with the last of the belligerent nations’ nuclear stockpiles, and the ones who pulled the triggers didn’t survive. It was the Final War because after that there was really nobody left who wanted to fight; we were all too busy surviving. Half a century of wars using nukes, bioweapons, nanoweapons, and even kinetic-kill weapons, gave us the Empty World: population 100 million and falling fast.

Both Jay and Josh recorded their own viewpoints and this video tries to give you a look at both points of view.