A new game popped up on Steam this weekend (as of this writing its at 10% off, sweetening the deal) that I thought looked pretty fun; a little hack n’ slash game called Heart and Slash. Immediately I was drawn to it, with its roguelite game play and voxel art style. Unbeknownst to me is that this game has been out on PS4 for quite a while and had a Kickstarter campaign to get the game off the ground. It’s just recently gotten a full PC/MAC/Linux port put on Steam after being greenlighted and on early release.  

I’m going to get some practice in the game before doing another Let’s Play. The game is not easy and the baddies can quickly over take the heart faced protagonist if not careful. I died pretty spectacularly in the video and it took a few tries to get the mechanics of that final boss down enough that I could beat it. So far it seems like those first three pickup items can make or break a run early on. 


  • Roguelite
  • Lots of baddies
  • Many different weapons, most with their own finishing moves
  • Hand to hand, short range and projectile weapons
  • Upgradable weapons and equipment 
  • Lots of unlockable items and equipment
  • And the difficulty seems just right