Downloaded Marvel Heroes Omega on xbox last night (also available on Steam and PS4). It’s like “Diablo 3: Marvel Super Heroes edition.” The voice acting is decent and set pieces look comic like with bright colors. The gameplay in easy enough to get into (similar style to Diablo 3), but the main waning flag is the insane microtransactions. Let’s just put it this way: Paying $40-$60 for 2-3 playable characters is NOT a “microtransaction”… that’s a whole game. If you buy all the available characters in the game, it’s like $300… for a “free” game. You can get farther in the Free Star Trek game (and the Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter game) than you can in this one. It appears that paying for characters is the only way to beat the level cap. The free characters have a level 10 cap, so it’s a “pay to progress” game. A casual diversion if you’re a die-hard Marvel fan, but the pay level is way too high for a “microtransaction” powered game. Gameplay is easy to get into and you can unlock new powers when you defeat enemies. The game has half a dozen in game currencies as well as the kind you pay for. Character customization (appearance) is pretty limited. Many characters only have one default skin. Overall, a fun but microtransaction crippled game.